Scripting on Facebook

Facebook se ha acercado a varias organizaciones noticiosas destacadas para licenciar su contenido para una nueva sección orientada a las noticias del sitio de Facebook, informó el jueves The Wall Street Journal. Algunos puntos de venta podrían obtener hasta $ 3 millones por año. Es un cambio significativo en la estrategia para el gigante de las redes sociales, que previamente exploró un modelo de intercambio de anuncios bajo el programa Artículos instantáneos de Facebook.

El Journal informa que Facebook se ha acercado a varios medios de comunicación, incluidos Opiniones The Phone Shop, ABC News, Dow Jones (padre del WSJ), The Washington Post y Bloomberg.

Los acuerdos durarían tres años, según fuentes que hablaron con el Journal. La nueva iniciativa podría lanzarse tan pronto como este año, aunque no está claro si algún medio de noticias realmente ha aceptado los términos de Facebook.

Por qué Facebook podría querer hacer esto es fácil de ver. En los últimos años, la compañía se ha enfrentado a un aluvión de críticas por absorber ingresos publicitarios masivos mientras desvía el tráfico hacia organizaciones de noticias marginales que producen clickbait. Hacer tratos con algunas de las principales marcas de la industria de las noticias permitiría a Facebook exhibir un periodismo de alta calidad al tiempo que apoya directamente a las organizaciones que lo producen.

Aún así, $ 3 millones en tarifas de licencias anuales no suena como una suma enormemente significativa dado el tamaño de las empresas involucradas aquí. Tome The Washington Post, por ejemplo. No se dispone de todos sus datos financieros, pero sabemos que el periódico obtuvo más de $ 100 millones en ingresos por publicidad digital solo en 2017, además de anuncios impresos y suscripciones digitales e impresas. El mismo año, el periódico aprobó 1 millón de suscriptores, generando decenas de millones de dólares en ingresos adicionales.

Por lo tanto, $ 3 millones en ingresos anuales de Facebook representarían una pequeña fracción de los ingresos digitales del periódico. Si la suma da derecho a Facebook a la gama completa de contenido de una publicación como The Washington Post, como sugiere la historia de WSJ, podría ser un acuerdo bastante atractivo para Facebook.

El servicio reportado de Facebook parece ser diferente del que Apple anunció a principios de este año. Al igual que Facebook, Apple se acercó a varias organizaciones de noticias de primer nivel para licenciar su contenido. Apple finalmente logró acuerdos con The Wall Street Journal y Los Angeles Times. Pero el modelo de negocio de Apple es vender suscripciones y luego dividir los ingresos con los editores. Por el contrario, Facebook parece que está buscando pagar una tarifa anual fija a las organizaciones de noticias por el uso ilimitado de sus artículos.

Web Tools in Canary Islands

The tool proposes a new business model that goes hand in hand with the digital transformation that the company is going through. Its main benefits include: fostering a cooperative culture, bringing more value to the final customer and increasing the portfolio of solutions.

“Until now, partners received a large amount of information from each of the manufacturers with whom they make transactions, but this information was not necessarily integrated. With this changes, since the platform will allow them to leave their comfort zone and add technologies to their offer, opening new opportunities in the dialogue with their customers, possibilities to grow and develop, “said Web Canarias, CEO of WebCanarias.

“We see that this business strategy will allow the channel to be more profitable and offer a portfolio of more complete solutions that will bring more value to the final customer,” concluded Losada.

Webcanarias site has several sections, such as:

Main: section where you can access the list of hi-connected solutions that are being uploaded, packages, elaborated and tested by the team of specialists of the wholesaler.

Blog: training and training area, where you can have online webinars and in-person events in the offices.

Marketplace: a way to generate demand with tools so that the channels can satisfy the demands either through HTML campaigns, emails, scripts for telephone calls and other materials all armed so that it is easy to arrive from the best way to your customers.


digiSHOP e-commerce   digiSHOP is a ready-to-use out-of-the-box shopping cart solution, with no monthly fees.b It features online credit card processing with or verisign. It has an optional “offline mode” feature to take orders and manually process credit cards using an existing credit card terminal. The cart features product options, customer order history, tax and shipping calculations, useful reports, and more. It’s easy to match your web site look and feel, using digiSHOP templates. Best of all, it’s easy to install.

PHP Easy Shopping Cart 3.1R  Powerful and eye-catching but enough simple shopping cart that can be applied for any kind of e-commerce B2C business. Site Super Administrator is allowed to manage corporate users, site links, file contents, products categories, prices on sales volume etc absolutely “on-fly”. Sales Order is generated in MS Excel format to be sent to sales person or tech person whoever upon request. You can order to develop which payment processing engine that fits your idea at lowest price. You can also customize site’s language yourself, or order us to change site background layout for free.

SunShop Shopping Cart  SunShop is an easy to manage, fully customizable turnkey e-commerce solution for any online business. Admin features: Easy browser-based administration; Easy installation; Customizable layout and configuration, Fast database back end, Unlimited products and categories, Print order for your own records, and Backup your database to a sql file. Payment features: Integrate any merchant account or payment gateway, PayPal support, Process Credit Card via ProPay, and Customers can print an invoice and mail or fax it in with their check or money order.

osCommerce  Full eCommerce solution.

LiteCommerce: Online Store Builder  LiteCommerce is a lightweight, easy to use online store-builder package, which is created to make launching of an e-commerce store as easy as surfing the web. The look of your store can be easily changed right from the web interface or by editing templates in FrontPage or DreamWeaver. Numerous sellers’ tools are available as add-on modules. Powered by PHP and MySQL it can run on most web servers. Web based installtion script, Windows setup utility and Windows Control Panel are available.

PHP ECHO Pay Form  Accept Credit Cards and Checks with this online payment processing order form – Just Include ECHO PAYFORM in your secure website and you’re ready to go! ECHO ( merchant account required. Available in Cold Fusion, PHP, and ASP.

Airvae Commerce 2.0  Airvae Commerce is a professional grade shopping cart with advanced back office integration. It includes a multitude of features such as real time shipping calculations, credit card wallet, banner manager, price engine modules integrated for CNET, PriceGrabber, Dealtime and Nextag, Ebay publishing tools, order tracking, advance cross-selling, popup advertising engine, pre-integrated with Verisign, sales reports and statistic, templates constructor for branding of solution and much much more…

HYIP Gold Edition  ‘GOLD EDITION’ comprises faster recruitment process and additional anonyomity from their customer base. All these in one easy to install script, with functions of Members Registration only take place after their deposits, Liter registration system, Inclusive of our very own referral add-on.

High Yield Investment Prorgram (HYIP)  Professional High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) where you and your investors can make smart money via e-gold enabled system built on PHP/MySQL. Current version allows you to Pay By One Click (Mass Payment) using cURL engine. Secure Shopping Cart included.

Linklok for  Allows secure access to your full download file(s) after successful transaction on Uses their md5 secure word feature. Download links do not show location of file on server and can be set to expire after several minutes, days or years if required. Supports unlimited products and multiple downloads per order. Linklok is very secure as there is no way to bypass

Polls & Voting

Picture Voting Booth   
Allow your web site visitors to vote on pictures submitted by users. Features include database storage of images, e-mail confirmation, the ability to set starting and ending dates for the voting and more.
iScripts EasyWebSurvey -Free online survey script  
Get feedback from your existing and potential customers about all facets of your products and service. iScripts EasyWebSurvey enables you to create unlimited number of surveys hosted on your own servers. You can send out unlimited number of respondents. Create professional, multi page surveys on your website for market research. EasyWebSurvey can have query types: open response, single and multiple response. EasyWebSurvey will summarize the results in professional charts.
Complete turnkey photo rating website, with more options than any other.
Comdev Vote Caster  
Run surveys, polls to let your visitors cast their vote for, and site owner can study the real time final results.
Image rating script similar to with more advanced features like, charging people for membership, anti-vote fraud, session ID’s, Template based. This is a corperate script under constant development. It is not a school project like other semi-similar available. Andvanced picture rate, picture rating, photo rate and photo rating scripts
Five Star Review   
This Amazon-style review script allows users to rank a product or item on a scale of 1-5 stars and make comments related to the product for other users to read. Email notification will allow the administrator to approve comments before being added to the website. Admin panel allows the following: Approve a Review before it is listed, Delete a Review, Delete all Unapproved Reviews and Add Item for Review. Can be used to rate books, videos, music, websites….the sky’s the limit! Fast mysql backend. One template file controls the entire site/script layout.
Chipmunk Poll   
Chipmunk poll is a simple poll and admin. This is not a multiple poll setup, you may only have 1 poll going at a time. Features an easy to use Admin panel. Mysql required.
Quiz Manager  
Quiz Manager is a easy-to-install, easy-to-administer mini-quiz/contest management software to automating your activity of adding quizes into your site. Once you set the times to run the voting, you can place the form as a dynamic server side include to your main page and it will know when to start a quiz campaign and when to end. It also has built in IP and cookie checking. Supports web-based easy installation.

PHP Buddy

PHPbuddy work with PHP learn PHP the esay wayProgram: PHPbuddy work with PHP learn PHP the esay way
Homepage: phpbuddy

Support email:
Version: 1
Price: FREE
System: Unix / Linux / NT

PHPbuddy has articles/scripts/tutorials on PHP and MySQL. This site is aimed at both Novice and Professional PHP developers who want to learn PHP or develope there existing skills.
Please rate the link PHPbuddy work with PHP learn PHP the esay way.

Password Protecting

Members Admin CGI   This script is a very powerfull password script with good security. A complete package for to password protect and managing the accounts from your members page. This script manage your password file, option for auto approve members, fast form fields checking, and a nice administrator control panel.

Members Admin SQL   This complex but easy to use and very fast MySQL database driven script manage all your members and password protected directories from your website. This script begin where other scripts stops. AuthType Basic, Digest, MySQL. Multiple member databases, multiple administrators, every member database have there own configuration, more than 200.000 members. And all this works with diverend administrators and memberpages on the same time. Option for creditcard processing.

Locked Area Lite   A highly sophisticated password protection and membership management system written in Perl. It has been designed to be as secure as possible while it still runs hands-free with no input from the webmaster. Uses Apache’s .htaccess and .htpasswd along with DES randomised salt encryption of passwords for increased security. Includes a member’s database that lets the administrator maintain a mailing list. Includes tools to allow your member’s to modify their account info, change password, remove account or request a new random password. Also includes a member’s area statistics system.

DirectoryPass  DirectoryPass is a .htaccess management system that allows the user to administor both .htaccess and .htpasswd files to add and remove users. It also creates .htaccess files and is compatiable with Cobalt RAQ .htaccess. DirectoryPass allows administration of an unlimited number of .htaccess and .htpasswd files within a particular users account/server. All administration is done via the web browser and configuration only involves setting an administrators password.

Members Admin CGI Pro   This script is a professional and highly secured script for to password protect and managing the accounts from your members page. Option for auto approve members, fast form fields checking, tracks sharing passwords, logs all failed and good logins, and a nice administrator control panel.

Members Admin CGI Enterprise  This complex but easy to use password script manage the password protecting and creditcard processing from your wesite. Auto appove members afther payment, delete experience members, tracks sharing passwords, logs all failed and good logins. Incl. a nice administrator control panel Works with, and

DeadBolt  This script creates and/or updates the .htaccess and .htpasswd files for securing directories. Use it over and over again – add as many secured areas and/or users as us like. For use on a Unix flavor OS running an Apache web server.

Login Manager  Login Manager allows admin to easily create password protected areas on the web site with personalized dynamic pages and provides you the ability to effortlessly limit a user’s access to some protected areas.

Profile Manager Premium   Profile Manager Premium is a database driven advanced membership and profile management system. When a user registers it adds the information about the user into the database. After registration process, user can log on the system by using his/her login and password. The user can see/modify/delete his profile or search others profiles. The Premium version also has features like admin(delete user, logon and user statistics, database backup, email or internal messaging to users etc.), upload picture, lost password, change password, advanced listing, searching and categorizing features.

Locked Area Pro  Locked Area Pro is an advanced member’s area management system. It offers very high levels of security and is very easy to install and maintain. It offers many useful features including automated signup, user account validation, optional random password generation and optional admin approve/decline account feature. The script also comes with a powerful administration panel with online administration of users, backup and full customisation facilities from the browser. Also includes a built-in statistics system.