Password Protecting

Members Admin CGI   This script is a very powerfull password script with good security. A complete package for to password protect and managing the accounts from your members page. This script manage your password file, option for auto approve members, fast form fields checking, and a nice administrator control panel.

Members Admin SQL   This complex but easy to use and very fast MySQL database driven script manage all your members and password protected directories from your website. This script begin where other scripts stops. AuthType Basic, Digest, MySQL. Multiple member databases, multiple administrators, every member database have there own configuration, more than 200.000 members. And all this works with diverend administrators and memberpages on the same time. Option for creditcard processing.

Locked Area Lite   A highly sophisticated password protection and membership management system written in Perl. It has been designed to be as secure as possible while it still runs hands-free with no input from the webmaster. Uses Apache’s .htaccess and .htpasswd along with DES randomised salt encryption of passwords for increased security. Includes a member’s database that lets the administrator maintain a mailing list. Includes tools to allow your member’s to modify their account info, change password, remove account or request a new random password. Also includes a member’s area statistics system.

DirectoryPass  DirectoryPass is a .htaccess management system that allows the user to administor both .htaccess and .htpasswd files to add and remove users. It also creates .htaccess files and is compatiable with Cobalt RAQ .htaccess. DirectoryPass allows administration of an unlimited number of .htaccess and .htpasswd files within a particular users account/server. All administration is done via the web browser and configuration only involves setting an administrators password.

Members Admin CGI Pro   This script is a professional and highly secured script for to password protect and managing the accounts from your members page. Option for auto approve members, fast form fields checking, tracks sharing passwords, logs all failed and good logins, and a nice administrator control panel.

Members Admin CGI Enterprise  This complex but easy to use password script manage the password protecting and creditcard processing from your wesite. Auto appove members afther payment, delete experience members, tracks sharing passwords, logs all failed and good logins. Incl. a nice administrator control panel Works with, and

DeadBolt  This script creates and/or updates the .htaccess and .htpasswd files for securing directories. Use it over and over again – add as many secured areas and/or users as us like. For use on a Unix flavor OS running an Apache web server.

Login Manager  Login Manager allows admin to easily create password protected areas on the web site with personalized dynamic pages and provides you the ability to effortlessly limit a user’s access to some protected areas.

Profile Manager Premium   Profile Manager Premium is a database driven advanced membership and profile management system. When a user registers it adds the information about the user into the database. After registration process, user can log on the system by using his/her login and password. The user can see/modify/delete his profile or search others profiles. The Premium version also has features like admin(delete user, logon and user statistics, database backup, email or internal messaging to users etc.), upload picture, lost password, change password, advanced listing, searching and categorizing features.

Locked Area Pro  Locked Area Pro is an advanced member’s area management system. It offers very high levels of security and is very easy to install and maintain. It offers many useful features including automated signup, user account validation, optional random password generation and optional admin approve/decline account feature. The script also comes with a powerful administration panel with online administration of users, backup and full customisation facilities from the browser. Also includes a built-in statistics system.