Polls & Voting

Picture Voting Booth   
Allow your web site visitors to vote on pictures submitted by users. Features include database storage of images, e-mail confirmation, the ability to set starting and ending dates for the voting and more.
iScripts EasyWebSurvey -Free online survey script  
Get feedback from your existing and potential customers about all facets of your products and service. iScripts EasyWebSurvey enables you to create unlimited number of surveys hosted on your own servers. You can send out unlimited number of respondents. Create professional, multi page surveys on your website for market research. EasyWebSurvey can have query types: open response, single and multiple response. EasyWebSurvey will summarize the results in professional charts.
Complete turnkey photo rating website, with more options than any other.
Comdev Vote Caster  
Run surveys, polls to let your visitors cast their vote for, and site owner can study the real time final results.
Image rating script similar to hotornot.com with more advanced features like, charging people for membership, anti-vote fraud, session ID’s, Template based. This is a corperate script under constant development. It is not a school project like other semi-similar available. Andvanced picture rate, picture rating, photo rate and photo rating scripts
Five Star Review   
This Amazon-style review script allows users to rank a product or item on a scale of 1-5 stars and make comments related to the product for other users to read. Email notification will allow the administrator to approve comments before being added to the website. Admin panel allows the following: Approve a Review before it is listed, Delete a Review, Delete all Unapproved Reviews and Add Item for Review. Can be used to rate books, videos, music, websites….the sky’s the limit! Fast mysql backend. One template file controls the entire site/script layout.
Chipmunk Poll   
Chipmunk poll is a simple poll and admin. This is not a multiple poll setup, you may only have 1 poll going at a time. Features an easy to use Admin panel. Mysql required.
Quiz Manager  
Quiz Manager is a easy-to-install, easy-to-administer mini-quiz/contest management software to automating your activity of adding quizes into your site. Once you set the times to run the voting, you can place the form as a dynamic server side include to your main page and it will know when to start a quiz campaign and when to end. It also has built in IP and cookie checking. Supports web-based easy installation.