Web Tools in Canary Islands

The tool proposes a new business model that goes hand in hand with the digital transformation that the company is going through. Its main benefits include: fostering a cooperative culture, bringing more value to the final customer and increasing the portfolio of solutions.

“Until now, partners received a large amount of information from each of the manufacturers with whom they make transactions, but this information was not necessarily integrated. With Webcanarias.es this changes, since the platform will allow them to leave their comfort zone and add technologies to their offer, opening new opportunities in the dialogue with their customers, possibilities to grow and develop, “said Web Canarias, CEO of WebCanarias.

“We see that this business strategy will allow the channel to be more profitable and offer a portfolio of more complete solutions that will bring more value to the final customer,” concluded Losada.

Webcanarias site has several sections, such as:

Main: section where you can access the list of hi-connected solutions that are being uploaded, packages, elaborated and tested by the team of specialists of the wholesaler.

Blog: training and training area, where you can have online webinars and in-person events in the offices.

Marketplace: a way to generate demand with tools so that the channels can satisfy the demands either through HTML campaigns, emails, scripts for telephone calls and other materials all armed so that it is easy to arrive from the best way to your customers.